Starting Blogging Yourself

A look into my own experience of starting blogging, building WordPress sites and learning about SEO.

Getting Started With Blogging

Untill not so long ago I had little to no experience with WordPress, blogs or anything search engine related.

Primarily due to lockdown restriction and not being able to work in my last job, I too to making videos of gameplay on my YouTube Channel. My interest grew in media and how you can to create better videos with the little resources I had.

The game was Minecraft and due to the technical side of running game servers i also started to get very interesting in some coding. In no time at all I was learning about plugins, configuration, coding and different and better ways to produce videos and a great game server with lots of features.

After some contact with a new Minecraft Hosting Server owner I ended up chatting and staying in contact over some time. I eventually started making tutorial videos for SeekaHost Minecraft Hosting for their servers to grow the knowledge base.

SeekaHost run multiple sites and host WordPress and PBN sites I was soon to find out. After some chats and some more time we spoke about some possible video possibilities for WordPress. So the possibility was there, how ever my knowledge was very limited.

So I started with a free course on the SeekaHost University Site to learn about building a site. And that was the start of my WordPress and blogging journey.

Getting Serious About WordPress

My first ever site i had built was Jdog Official and is still up and growing now. How ever it was quite the learning curve to get there. This day and age if you have some time and access to a PC, Mobile or in fact any device that can connect to the Internet, you can learn almost anything.

Using the SeekaHost University and many hours or YouTube Tutorials. I was able to get myself to a point where I could start to build my site and create new pages and features.

These are some of the features I added where:

  • Forums
  • Members List
  • User accounts
  • Live chat’s
  • Like and Dislike Choices
  • RSS Feeds

As a new comer all these options where amazing and I couldn’t believe what your able to do.

WordPress Tutorials

Now with some knowledge and starting my second site Jdog Gaming also I was a bit more confident in my abilities.

Not only that but i was keen to pass on this knowledge to other WordPress beginners to show them how easy it can be by just using a good tutorial.

So I started to upload more videos with that subject to the SeekaHost YouTube. The more you learn, the more you want to learn and with amazing help from the team at SeekaHost I was able to learn alot faster and more advnaced stuff than i normally would have.

For The Future

To cut a long story short, I decided not to go back to my old career as I enjoy what im doing so much. From learning SEO and creating interesting blogs and tutorials. Creating awesome videos for Gameplay, WordPress and SeekaHost.

And now moving onto learning about PBN blogs, expired domains, domain actions and much more.

I suppose what the conclusion to this story is. If you love some thing, make sure to follow your heart. I love working from home, having my family around or choosing the times that I work. By learning WordPress skills it can lead to so many different possibilities from web designing, SEO or Ad Word Consultants, Social Media Manager, Media Creator, Advertiser and so much more.

Follow Your Dreams, Put Extra Effort In, Reek The Rewards In Time.

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