We will leave a list of our most used links here to help with WordPress sites, SEO and for checking expired domains.

WordPress Tutorials

Looking to learn more about WordPress or PBN blogs? you can find may WordPress Tutorials in the Jdog Official Site. From adding plugins, to creating form, forums, memberships and much more.

WordPress + Blog Helpful Links

We will try and include any links that you might find useful for blogging or site building with WordPress.

Image Optimization

To get the best performance form your site you will need to keep them images optimised. There are many optimising sites online for free but many might be a virus risk or lead to further request for payment down the road.

So we have found this program to be not only secure and reliable but also very good at the job intended. You can easy adjust the amount of colours on the page to decrease the file size massively. All with a preview window so you can make sure your picture looks of good quality.

Check out Optimizilla and you wont be disappointed.

Free to Use Images

When trying to make your site look amazing you dont always have time to go and get every picture of every category. Neither do you want to spend money on some pictures to use. Free-Images is a great place with loads of different pictures for you to use for FREE. And more if you decide you would like to up your game a bit.

Key Words Checker

To get a good program to check for key words I would always suggest paid programs such as Ahrefs or Semrush.

How ever this does not stop you using free methods to re search key words also! To get started I would suggest UberSuggest by Neil Pattel. By making a free account you can analyse up to 3 Key Words a day for FREE.

Another tip is actually just using the google search bar, use a main key word you want to go for and check out what it suggests. Perhaps even the other suggestions it might suggest from the term you already typed.

File and Link Virus Checker

Keeping safe online is always of top importance, so been able to check any link or file for free is a great advantage. Virus Total will cross check through a large variety of security vendors to analyse if this file or URL is potentially dangerous.

Domain History + Expired Domains

Looking for expired domains? Well we have a Free method for this also. Using you can filter through thousands of domains showing you if they are available, expired or for sale.

And if you want to check the URL’s history you can see it all on TheWayBackMachine. Simply type in the URL and check what its been used for, age and much more.

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