Best Way to Learn About Private Blog Networks

Looking to learn about PBN’s? How they work and what you can do to build your own Private blog Network?

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Online Courses to Build a Private Blog Network

Online courses are a great way to learn a variety of new subjects. There many free courses that are slightly short but still give you loads of valuable information. You can then choose more advanced courses that are paid to advance your knowledge even further.

You have a huge variety of courses online. From complete PBN building courses, to learning about how to grow social networks, creating amazon affiliate accounts ad so much more.

The best places to find course are and also Skillshare. On Udemy you can fid free courses and choose whether to pay for individual courses. Where are Skillshare lets you use its resources for a fee.

Learning About PBN’s on YouTube

YouTube is an amazing place for free education. Although you need to reliable sources first as YouTube hasn’t got the same processed of vetting teachers and videos. Any one can upload to YouTube and as long as it doesnt break its main rules they can post any information.
For this reason look for a YouTuber with a known background in the field. Has good reviews by other watchers and knows what he or she is talking about.

Another suggestion on YouTube is look for different sources. dont just watch one as what has worked for one person, might not work for another. So it is good to get a lot of different points of view on a subject.

Online Resources for Private Blog Networks

Searching through google and other search engines is a key part of learning how to build a private blog network. Much like YouTube you need to get your information carefully as anyone can create a post. Look for reliable sources with track records in PBN’s.

In the interview above we chat about PBN’s and if they still work. Fernando Raymond is on of the top ranked pages on google for PBN’s and you can learn a huge amount from there.

Once you have found a few trusted sources then make sure to learn something from each article. Many bloggers have great information, but put together with other information it might reveal a great tip that you hadn’t noticed before.

So keep trying variants. Dont be afraid to explore new ways or test old ones as long as they wont put your PBN in jeopardy of leaving footprints.

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