Is Solara A Good Crypto Investment For Day Trading?

Volatility of Solara

One of the best reason to day trade with Solara is its volatility. This crypto can be £29 one minute and then shoot to £35 the next. Giving great scope for day trading and making small 1-3 percent profits continuously.

Some may hate volatility but day traders thrive from it. If you can make £50 ever few hours its much better than waiting 2 months to maybe make a few pounds.

Average Trade Price Solara

Usually you will find it between £25 and £35 and it goes up and down plenty of times a day, sometimes small profits can be found just by watching it a few minutes if you have enough invested!

Profit Margins

I like to keep my profit between 1-3% before selling to ensure lots of small amounts made in one day to add to a large one at the end of each day, want to follow my trades? Join my discord and keep up with trades for Solara, Bitcoin and other crypto.

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