How to Make Money From Blogging

How to Make Money From Blogging 2021. Use your PBN to make money through multiple different ways.

How to Make Money

Affiliate Marketing

make money through blogging

Affiliate marketing is one way to make money from blogging, this can be done by using a specific link, widget or picture.

The way you can make money is by other people clicking on the linking and/or purchuasing products. You will then get a percentage of the cost as you referred them to buy the product.

The easiest way to get started with affiliate marketing is Amazon. Here you can sign up and they give you a whole range of option to advertise. From individual products to other services where you can earn bounties. This is when someone signs up to an amazon program and you get a set fee per person that has joined it. Examples of this are Amazon prime, Amazon music ect.

Another way is through game or server advertising. For example on SeekaHost you can get a link to refer people to their site to buy a game server. The affiliate link will give you a percentage of the monthly fee the referred person is paying to you for referring them.

Guest Posts

Guest posting is usually an option once you have got an established blog or site. Once you have a certain amount of visitors every month visiting your site will become a good place for others to advertise their posts as it will reach a larger audience.

You can charge for guest posts on your blog and this ranges from $20 all the way up to $4000 for a well known and visited sight. Of course guest posting on a starter site wont be logical as the advertisers wont get much out of paying for a guest post due to there not being much traffic.

To grow your audience consider you can check out lots of tutorials online on how to increase your SEO, using back links from expired domains to grow your domain authority and many more things. You can find answers and tutorials on many of these things o the SeekaHost YouTube, or on Jdogs Facebook Page.

Sponsored Ads

Again like the last point you will need to have a fairly mature and well used site for Sponsored ads. Once you have a site with lots of monthly visitors then other business will start to notice and want to include a pain ad on your page.

You can also advertise this option for others to find your service. There are lots of Facebook groups for this and i suggest adding yourself to them and letting people know that the service is available.

Like guess posts you will usually get a fixed price t advertise or like Affiliate links you might get a percentage of conversion rate.

One tip that i suggest is to keep it related and good value. Accepting ads is good for bringing in extra income but can be determent if the product or service they advertise isnt related to your site. This may lead to confusion for viewers or potentially making putting people off using the iste as it has alot of un related content.

Product Sales

Boosting product sales is a key factor of having a site or blogs. Using different blogs on expired domains in a PBN for instance, can be used to grow back links to you main product site and boost its rating with Google. Therefor sending more people to the site you want them to buy your products from.

Blogging about your products or main site will also increase views which will lead to more sales.

A lot of people start blogging or a PBN with out an actual product or service in mind. It important that you have the end goal in mind and have a product or service you want to sell or grow.

That way all your blogs, backlinks, and sites will be pointing everyone in one clear direction. Dont et me wrong if you don’t have a product or service then that shouldn’t stop you from blogging or building sites as this can lead to many things i general. Just don’t waste too much time building PBN on expired domains if there isnt an actual purpose. EG your building up one site but it just another blog. You should be building up a main product page, a service offering page or something that you can use to make profit from in the future.

More Tips and Tricks

You can find lots of videos, helpful links and tutorials on this and many other WordPress related subjects on the Jdog Official site.

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