Facebook Down? Was Facebook Hacked?

WhatsApp and Facebook users have found themselves locked out of the popular social media site and messaging app.

Facebook down

As millions of people go to log on to the popular social media site they have been met with a rather simple message saying “something went wrong” leading to a lot of speculation.

Facebook isnt something that often goes down or spends much down time due tot he amount of people working in it constantly. So something like this comes as quite the shock.

Many have speculated that the popular website has been hacked leaving millions of people with their personal information exposed.

Alternatively it could be one of many technical reasons, such as server outages. Although this isnt a regular problem making you wander why this is such a problem now and why it hasn’t yet been fixed.

Facebook Statement on it Being Down

Facebook itself has made a very small and simple statement of “We’re working to get things back to normal. Thanks for your patience!”

Leaving much to the imagination. Unfortunately with the world in such turmoil with each other, you simply cant look past the chance of it being done by another country that may want to cause some problems.

As well as that it could just as easily be a 16 year old sat at home with too much time and a great skill for hacking.

One thing can be said which is that we all look forward to getting our Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp back soon so we can continue with out normal routine.

What We Recommend

With Facebook being down, we have a few tips just in case the site has been hacked. Once able to log on immediately change your password, and more importantly always install 2 factor authentication. Its a life saver and wiht so many apps using it and having the authenticator on your phone its easier than ever to stay protected.

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