Welcome to The Blogging Robot, we are new to the scene but will be providing up to date WordPress and PBN posts. Tutorials, hosting, expired domains and many more tips and tricks.

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We cover a variety of subjects on WordPress and Blogging. And if there is anything we missed dont forget to leave a comment and let us know.

Here at the bloggin robot we love to blog about what interest you. Whether it be making money from blogging or explaining what expired domains are for PBN’s were happy to inform you.

There are a lot of people that simply dont know how easy it can be to learn WordPress, create a blog and potentially use it as an income they can grow going forward. As with anything in life you you have the passion you can make it work and blogging is certainly something that fits into that category well.

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A number of links that may prove helpful for building WordPress Sites or PBN Blogs. Hosting providers for Domains, WordPress/Blogs, and even Minecraft servers.

Also included are links to image optimization sites, expired domain checking sites, file and link virus checking site and more as they get listed over time.

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