The Power of Flowers

Looking at how simple things such as flowers around the house can help with mental health, and general happiness.

Happiness at Home

With many of us stuck in either due to restrictions, protection for others in our family or just due to being used to to staying in. The important thing is to make your place make you feel good

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning to unwashed dished, kids toys everywhere, or just general mess that you left yourself from the day before. This will create a negative start to your day. And its much harder to come back to positive once you’ve started with stress.

Now I’m not here to preach about how and when you tidy or clean. Everyone is different and everyone’s responsibility is different. How ever a good base point is to have a clean clutter free house to keep your brain relaxed and happy. So when it comes to going to bed and saying to yourself ill do it tommorow, try to push through and just get it done, you will appreciate it in the morning.

Flower Power

Now that we have our clear space to think, we can start using the flowers to bring the best out of our day.

My favourite is to get a really floral smelling flower such as lily’s or roses. Not only is it a natural air freshener but they both also look great!

My number one is Lily’s as seen in the picture above. They arent too expensive and start of looking plain with no smell

However once they start to bloom and that incredible smell hits you, thats when you realise the beauty of them. They also look fantastic with there little branch arms holding the red part of the flower. And somehow it hold them on despite looking like its only just balanced o the end.


To conclude the reason for this article is to bring things back to simple pleasures. Such as waking and walking past your hall way to be greeted by an amazing floral smell first thing. Not only does it boost your mood but will get you more motivated. Along with the fact you have taken care all of mess and stress the night before you can now get on with anything you have planned for the day with a clean head and ready to go.

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