Best Minecraft Server Hosting (SeekaHost) Reviewed

Lets take a look at Minecraft Server Hosting with SeekaHost. One of the best up and coming Minecraft Server Hosting Companies offering Server in all the Minecraft Editions. With the addition to pre configured Feed The Beast modded servers coming soon.

Review of SeekaHost Minecraft Server Hosting

Getting Ready for The 1.17 Caves and Cliffs Update

We have listed the main features you will find with SeekaHost. As a keen Minecraft Server Owner myself i have taken note of everything i found to be helpful and may also help you decide on your hosting for 2021. With the new 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update coming soon its essential you have the right hosting setup to provide the best the best experience for your players.

With the first part of the update many players have decided to start a fresh due to the new features included in the update. Although not confirmed whether it will be compatible with old worlds alot of the community have decided this simply wont be possible due to the following reasons.

The height limit will be changed, resulting in possible corrupted worlds or having really badly generated chucnks as only new chunks can be generated wiht the update.

Another reason is of course the loaded and unloaded chunks as mentioned before. If this update will combine well with existing worlds you will have to travel out further to actually find chunks in the game that havent been loaded as all previously used areas wont be updates. Only new areas of the world that havent being previously loaded will update once you discover them.

Caves and Cliffs Update

Review of The SeekaHost Minecraft Server Hosting Features

  • Good Pricing
    The price to GB ratio is of good value and I speak from experience when I say the hardware is good. Not only is it cheaper than for instance Apex Hosting but their servers seem to have the same premium quality but for half the price. Not only that but they regularly discounts which you can find on their main page. Minecraft Server Host – Best Game Servers | SeekaHost
  • Updating Server Jar
    Of course an important factor is having the server host that updates their server jar selection quickly so people can start creating their servers soon after updates. There is nothing worse that having to wait up to 48 hours for the new updated server jar to be available for your players as they wont be able to connect if their Minecraft on their console has updated. SeekaHost has always done this almost straight away so ive been happy with the service.
    Not only this but they have got one of the easiest method of changing over version. With one click you can update to another version and start your server back up.
  • File Access
    They use my preferred method of managing my files which is the FTP File Access option on your dashboard. To upload, remove of edit any files its just a case of finding them through the dashboard search feature and editing them. Meaning no more need to download the files, edit them with notepad++ and then have to re upload the file.
  • Customer Care
    I always find customer care to be essential due to servers having so many technical aspects. Not only do they have fast support with tickets or lice chat. But they also have a fairly good Knowledge Base available for everyone to use.
  • Mods and Plugins
    As a keep server owner I love to play around with plugins and mods for others to enjoy and for me to play with my family. I have filmed all my tutorials using SeekaHost and i have successfully used many plugins, mods and mod packs on the servers.
    You can find all my Minecraft Video Tutorials and see for yourself how easy it is to add and remove plugins. Add mod packs and anything else Minecraft server related.

Try For Yourself

As previously mentioned I like Minecraft, and I also hold servers with SeekaHost. One of my servers is a public server so ill leave the address to join. Feel free to join on and have a play! Using a plugin to allow Bedrock and Java Edition players now everyone can play together no matter what edition you play.

Please be aware that playing with bedrock currently can be slightly buggy compared to java. This is due to the plugin rather than the server as its is working to translate the Java code over to Bedrock so that systems will be compatible. How ever after much testing and many updates from the Geyser Team it is running almost seamlessly. The only part that could do with some improving is the first connection from a bedrock client to the server, it takes about 10 seconds to recognise you and then your away and off to play the game.

The Public IP is

For Bedrock Players the port is 25573

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