How to make quality backlinks from your PBN

How to check backlinks on ahrefs and semrush.

Using programs like these you can check the backlinks entirely. From their origin, the post
and anchor link used to link with. You can check the site it came from and also see how
many “do follow” and “no follow” link you have. And also, from how many referring IP’s
(separate Ip’s sending backlinks)
You can see their domain rating and domain authority and some will also display the spam
score on the website that has sent the backlink.
Simply type the name of the site and then use the backlink overview tool to check out all
aspects of backlinks to that website.

How to create good backlinks

Make sure its relevant

Make sure that backlinks coming to this site are relevant. If they are irrelevant and from a
totally different niche then it’s likely they are just backlinks someone has bought in the past
or created with a PBN.

Link from a long well-structured article

Check that the links come from a well-structured article rather than a short one with lots of
links. Create a good post with good related content which is targeted for the niche you’re
aiming for. Only one link per PBN is suggested as making more than one link from one blog
isn’t really beneficial. Aim more for one great backlink to the money site from either blog.

Don’t over link

Don’t overlink your Money site or any other site in fact. Keep the important one link to your
Money site and any internal links and then have other relevant no follow links to mask your
money site link.

Link to a main page or somewhere that receives traffic already on the main site

When making your link make sure to link it to your homepage or somewhere on the money
site that has dominance. Which also receives high traffic and isn’t likely to be deleted.

What is a bad backlink

Short articles with lots of links
Creating short articles or pages with little content or low value content is a bad way of
creating a backlink, you want the post or page to have lots of content that is relevant.
Pictures and guides if needed also.

Un related links

Un related link won’t pass down much power and will also not increase traffic. Search
engines have a good way to recognise your niche and likes to send people to where it
knowns they will find an answer.
If your niche is dog grooming and you make a back link to a flower shop it won’t hold any
relevance even if it’s coming from a good article.

Constantly linking the same page or site

This will usually leave a footprint and also make your back links less valuable. One good link
is way more powerful than many links throughout all the pages and posts.

Spam links

Spam link are usually from low rating sites that tend to overlink other sites. Maybe because
they are selling backlinks or just have a low value site. Making a site like this or linking form
one is detrimental and will harm your money website.

Links from non-authoritative sites

Link coming from government, educational or news sites have really high authority. They will
rank you much better. However, on the other side links from low in authority sites can also
lessen your just not grow your money sites rating.

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