How to Get Google AdSense on Your Website

Tips and tricks to get your website registered and approved for Google AdSense to create income from your website.

What is Google AdSense

It is a way to monetise your website by showing relative ads to visitors. You get paid depending on what the what the ad required. For example some need sign ups ore some might need to be purchased to give you a commission.

It is very similar if not the same as affiliate advertising. How ever this is preferred method as google has its own great structure and related ads it will add onto your site for you.

The more visitor you have coming to your website the more chance there is of someone clicking on a google add and earning you some commission from it.

How to Get Your Site Ready to Apply For Google Adsense

Lets go over the main points I used to grow the site to where I was able to apply and succesfully get google AdSense added to my website.

Consistent Posting of Value

Firstly you need to be consistent with your blogs. This doesnt have to be daily but I like to produce a new blog weekly at least.

This shows google that you havent just made a blog and have left to it to try and gather visitor with no effort. It shows you are putting I a lot of effort and have value to your site which will bring in visitor.

The blog posts should also be of value and not just filled with backlinks or un related content. Make sure that all your content is related to your niche and that you might even be starting to rank for certain keywords.

Use highly searched and related keywords through out all your articles and pages to increase the SEO of your website or blog.

Functionality and Pages

Make sure that your website is functioning well and has easy site navigation with menus, other option or widgets. Websites that dont function well are less likely to be accepted as your viewer retention will probably be really low due to the visitors not been able to find answers.

Make sure everything on your page is optimised and easy to use even for someone that isnt great with the internet. You want to make sure even someone with no knowledge could fid the answer they are looking for with your site.

Site Mapping and Analytics

Making sure that your website is connected to google search console is important as it will site map your site. Meaning it will send crawlers through your site and mark everything so it can provide a more relative answer to peoples search queries.

Its a good way to get your site first recognised by google to start sending traffic your way. Sort of like saying “Hey I’m Here and This is My Niche”

It will also give you loads of great information on how user experience is, how you can improve and some other analytics that are handy.

Next up is to connect you site to google analytics. This is of course an important step anyway as it will provide you with some extremely detailed analytics of your site that will definitely help you grow and improve it.

Optimizing Your Website For Google AdSense

Google likes to send traffic to optimized sites that dont take for ever to load up as this decreases the user experience and they are likely to go to another site. Leading google to suggesting you less.

So prepare by optimizing your site wherever possible. Start first with your images. All your images should be optimized prior to loading them to use less space and you can do this easily and for free using Optimizilla.

Another pointer is to only load images into the pre set WordPress sizes such as Thumbnail, small, medium, large or full size. When you alter then to fit exactly they often will take much longer to load for anyone viewing.

If a page is laoding up really slowly due to the content then consider splityting it into two pages os each one individually loads faster.

Another method is to use Cloudflare to optimise your site. This can be free and also improve security.

Getting More Visitor to Your Website

Google want to see that you have a regular amount of visitors to your website monthly otherwise it probably wont consider you as its not worth advertising on their yet.

So for this put in some work and keep blogging. Try to get some backlinks to your website as this will also increase the traffic been sent to you. There are a few ways to do this, you can ask for guest posting on other more visited sites, you can email other websites in similar niches and see if they would be willing to leave a link to you.

Or of course you can build your own private blog network using expired domains and create your own backlinks to boost your sites ranking.

They dont specify an amount per month you need to hit but one of my sites just got accepted that gets between 500 and 1000 visitors a month so i would use this as a minimum standard in terms of reaching this before applying.

Good Safe Content

As I’m sure you are aware, google doesnt like to advertise on anything with bad content, or that is overly controversial. This means you are much more likely to get accepted if your site is about food recipes, recent news, tutorials or tech. Where as covering sensitive or controversial subjects about other countries or religions might get you not approved for AdSense.

Keep the content clean, dont have any dangerous or malicious files or links wiht in your webiste and ake sue to keep your security up.

Especially with GDPR data you hold of others on your site. It is important you keep this safe.

Applying For AdSence

My site that was already connected to google search console, google analytics and anything else google offers for free was accepted, I also applied for another site of similar standings at the same time which has not been connected to any other google services as a test.

Needless to say the other site was not accepted and needs some changes. So although not a definite, it looks very likely that google want to have had a good look at your site before applying and make sure all the pages are safe to look at and also working for both mobile and pc users.

Another tip is to really read every field when you apply and make sure to answer honestly and precisely. A lot of the time it can be due to a mistake during applying that will not allow you to get AdSense.

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