Make Money Online With Affiliate Links

This article will show you how to make money from affiliate links. Free to use and earn commission from your blogs.

Introduction to Affiliate Links

Affiliate programs can be found on many different platforms online, one of the best known is Amazon affiliate as its free and gives you a huge range or products or services to advertise.

The reason that these programs exist is to push product sales. By having their products advertised on other websites it increases the chance of sales, gives the brand more recognition and generally makes the brand a bit more trusted the more people see it.

And they way we can make money from this is from earning a commission from sales created by your affiliate links. You can also get things such as bounties or sign ups where you can earn an amount depending if the customer signed up for a free or paid service.

Different Types of Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are the same type of thing but found differently on different websites. For instance for amazon affiliate you simply need an account, add in your details and you can start advertising your products, banners or bounties that they offer.

This is easiest for beginners as it is free and you can specify exactly the type of product you want to advertise.

They give you the HTML code to insert directly into your website. Ill leave a guide o how to add amazon affiliate code in your WordPress site at the end of the article.

You can however find these options on other websites too. For instance many server hosting companies will use affiliate links provided you are a customer.

For example on once you make an account for web hosting, your given an affiliate link that is specific for you. Now by using this link you can earn commission on the amount of sign ups your get. So if i get 4 people sign up for a £30 package ill receive a percentage of that going into the future every month that they pay.

This is somewhat easier than amazon widgets or code as you simply need to share the link. It will usually track how many clicks and sign ups it has had and let you know.

Best Places to Add Affiliate Links

So its easy to get these links to earn money from. How ever its good to know what links will work for you and where to actually place them.

For amazon Affiliate links they usually will provide you with the HTML code to insert directly into your website. And of course this is down to what your website looks like. Has it got a large widget area? Has it got more space on the actual page or perhaps even the header.

There is nothing worse than a website absolutely packed with affiliate advertising as it brings down the quality of the website. So take time to find places your affiliate links will fit in nicely and that they are related.

Widget Affiliate Links

For instance if you have a food blogging website, it might prove best to have a limited amount of widget ads along the side so they always appear for visitors to see. Keep it relevant with items that are cooking related, perhaps recipe books and other related items that are general to your niche.

Focused Affiliate Links

The you have more specific ads which you might tailor a post for.

What i mean by this is creating a long blog post of good value, explaining how good this product is, and at the end of the article leaving an affiliate ad to that product. There for creating the need and showing the benefits of the product int he advertisement before showing the visitor the page where he or she can also purchase it from.

This is for quite specific product placement.

Banner Affiliate Links

With amazon and other business you might find they provide you a banner to place on your site. Again i very much recommend keep it close to your niche. So no kids toys on a heavy metal rock band website. It means you might alienate your visitors, and you wont get many sales as they are not likely to be interested.

How to Add Custom HTML Code Affiliate Links

  1. Get the code through your amazon affiliate account and copy it.
  2. Open your page post or find the area to add your widget and select the block called “custom html”
  3. Paste the code into the section and it will appear as the ad.
  4. Always check that is either has your unique affiliate ID placed within the code as some require you to add it in yourself.


Adding affiliate links or google Adsense is a great way of getting some income back from your websites or blogs. Especially if you are receiving high traffic as that can prove to be quite lucrative.

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