5 Best Ways to Increase Visitors to Your Blog

Top tips on how to increase visitors to your blog. Meaning more clicks on affiliate links or google ads.

Growing Visitors to Your Blog

As with all us bloggers we are looking for more visitors to grow our site. And so many get frustrated that they put in their time and effort to receive minimal reward for all your effort.

The problem is not that you aren’t putting enough effort in, Simply that you might be putting in your effort into the wrong aspects. So we will go through our top 5 tips to increase your sites SEO, therefor leading to more visitors.

A little research can go a long way. As we will discuss shortly, you might put days in to an amazing post. If you dont research it well though and look at what you need to produce to grow your visitors it will almost go wasted.

5. Content Length

This does play a factor in how your post will rank and how many visitors are sent to your blog. You might create 100 blog posts, how ever if they only consist of 1 or 2 paragraphs they are very likely to be suggested to anyone using a search engine.

It doesn’t mean that you should endlessly write whatever you can as this will take away from how easy it is to use and for visitors to answer their query. More that you should explain in more detail with relevant points.

Blog posts with 1000 words or more, good images, relevant content, is usable and also satisfies the visitor with an answer or what they were looking for will always score better than short articles with little content. Not only this, you will find that these long well structured posts might even start to hit the 1 pages of search engines.

4. Backlinks to Blogs

Backlinks are the life blood of growing your blog. They work like references from other sites and pass down SEO power to the place they backlink.

This means another website or blog leaving a link to your blog, with a “dofollow” backlink. And there are a few ways to do this.

You can of course try to reach out to other websites similar but not exact to your niche. You want to ask them if they might consider leaving a link back to you. This can be hard but with some persistence you will start to get some success.

Another way is of course to buy backlinks from others. You can usually find people who provide these services in Facebook groups. Especially PBN groups.

A similar but more successful way is guest posting. This is usually other offering guest posts on there high ranking or high traffic blogs. This is much better as you can create the article and make sure that the place the backlink is coming from is relevant and of good quality to make your backlinks better quality.

Creating a PBN is a longer starting process but will allow you total control of your backlinks as you will be creating the sites yourself using expired domains that already rank well.

3. Relevance and Niche

What many forget, is that you may have loads of posts, but if there is no relevance to the niche of your site. This will often not bring more visitors.

One thing you will notice as you start to grow is that google and other search engines prefer to have a recognised niche around certain blogs. Then its easier to fit your site in a category to the show to certain search terms. This meaning that if you have a blog full of gaming advice and media. Any posts or articles that aren’t relevant to this niche will often not get so many views.

I have tested this on a few of my own blogs and you can see that relevant posts to my niche receive up to 75% more traffic than un associated posts. This is not saying that you cant build a general blog. It will just take a bit longer for search engines to see what exactly you are offering and who they can suggest it too.

2. Keyword Research for Your Blog

By far one of the best way to increase your blogs SEO and getting more visitors. Researching keywords is essential and you should be learning how to do that. Key words are words and phrases that you can research to see how many searches they get. How hard they are to rank for, compare with other keywords and more.

Once you found keywords you can use on your blog posts that is relevant to your niche, easy enough to rank for and also gets a lot of searches. You should be adding it through out your article to start ranking higher on search engine results.

As an example you might want to rank for an article about best places to go on holiday. With some keyword research you might notice that holidays to Greece 2021 is currently getting many thousand searches. But hasn’t got too hard of a difficultly to rank for against other pages.

You now know that using this as your title is much more likely to be searched for and also that it might overtake other blogs on the search engine list as long as you make it clear what the article is about with keywords but also have great content with good information.

So with some research, you have avoided creating a posts that isnt being searched for much. To a post that might be able to rank against other sites depending on how well you create it.

1. Search Result Research

My number one tool to get articles that attract more visitors is this. Research what results you get when searching your subject. By this I mean go on google and search your title. So if your blog is going to be about How to Roast a Chicken. Then search that and see what the top 5 results are.

This is because because google will literally show you what it ranks the highest and what format it prefers. So for this question you are very likely to be suggested if you have a recipe as primarily this is what someone would be searching that question for.

By looking at the structure of the top ranking pages it will give you an idea of how to create yours using a method that ranks high but also adding more information to try and out rank the other pages. There for sending more visitors to your page.

For example if you searched for cheap golf clubs, you would get a totally different search result. It would infact be filled with e commerce sites trying to sell you the cheapest golf clubs. Or perhaps top 10 cheapest blogs with comparisons on price vs value.

So by doing this research you know that if your creating a posts by this title, if it isnt matching the top ranking pages it isnt likely to rank.


Using these 5 tips you will be sure to get many more visitors, grow organic traffic and take your blog to the next level. As you can tell by most of the points. Relevance, length, structure all plays a bit factor in how well your post will do.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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